Thursday, August 11, 2016

Around the Mission First Week in August 2016

The first week in August was fantastic around the Saint Paul Mission, based at Holy Rosary in Dillingham, Alaska.

Although it rained most of the week, the church lawn and the cemetery lawn did get mowed.

I was able to have Mass at Clarks Point (Saint Peter the Fisherman) on Friday and King Salmon Naknec (Saint Theresa) on Sunday.  After waiting for the fog to lift in Dillingham, I was flew over to Clark's with about two minutes to spare before mass.  We celebrated mass in Clark Point's brand spanken new community center.  We hope to raise money for a new Catholic Church building to go next door to the new center.  The old church, built by Mariano's father (Mariano Floresta pictured below) is around fifty years old and falling apart.

Above, Judy and Mariano..  Juliana also attended.

Here is a short video as I was flying over to Saint Theresa from Clark's Point.


The cemetery is looking very nice after all the rain and a little tender loving care.

I am currently getting ready to travel to Bethesda, near Washington, DC, for mission talks to raise money for our Saint Paul Mission.  We have confirmed on weekend, September 17 and 18, and are working on September 10 and 11. Here is a brief outline of some of the points I will be talking about.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment:

Alaskan Catholic Population:
136,000 square miles (twice the size of Texas)
33,000 Catholics
4.2 Catholics per square mile
29 parishes/missions
21 in remote areas
10 Archdiocesan priests, 11 temporary and ordered priests
8 priests short

Roads: No roads to connect some 30 villages in the Mission
Airplanes: Villages rely on airplanes for food, supplies, ministry
Geography: Catholics live far apart
Anchorage to Dillingham is 350 miles
Anchorage to Dutch Harbor mission 796 miles
Weather: Weather is unpredictable, severe, -30, gail winds, ice, snow, freezing rain
Culture: Yupik Eskimo, some Hispanic, Filipino, and Caucasian
Mass Frequency: Sometime never, once a year, once a month

$1,300 every visit, i.e. Anchorage-Dillingham-King Salmon Round Trip
$1,000 Round Trip to Dutch Harbor, Alaska.
$15,000 per year to budget Airplane for priest pilot

Every Catholic, by law, has the right to the sacraments
We are eight priests short
We have two seminarians
Cost per seminarian: $50,000 each/year

Where does the money go?
1.    Travel to remote villages.
2.    Education for seminarians

3.    Your donation will help Catholics in remote areas to receive sacraments.

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