Sunday, May 8, 2011

Holy Rosary Flying Videos: Top Three

After having submitted Bristol Bay flying videos to Alaska Dispatch in Anchorage, YouTube, Facebook, and this website, here are the top three videos most frequently watched. It is difficult to determine exactly how many times these videos were watched because those viewings on our Holy Rosary website are not counted in the YouTube total.

Here is one of the first videos I made several years ago. Youtube shows it as having 617 viewings. It is entitled, "Father Scott Flying Warrior II: Dillingham to Clarks Point.

You can also view this video by CLICKING HERE!

Ave Maria sang by a friend. Video made by Dawn in Wilmington North Carolina. 292 people have viewed this Video entitled. "Thank you Holy Rosary."

You can also view this video by CLICKING HERE!

Back in the 1980's, Fr. James Kelly filmed a beautiful video about him flying around Bristol Bay and ministering to the villages. There have 285 people who have viewed this video entitled, "Father Kelly Flying Around the Saint Paul Mission."

You can also view this video by CLICKING HERE.

Safe Flying Out There!!

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