Friday, February 11, 2011

Hand Feeding Red Fox In Dillingham, Alaska

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett
Pastor, Holy Rosary Mission

I have been out here in Dillingham for nearly six years. Never before have I been this close to a Red Fox. They are normally very skittish. Several things went through my mind as the Red Fox approached me. Was there something wrong with it? Was it hungry? Has it finally realized I am not a threat? Does it have rabies? Why is it so friendly?


As the Red Fox got within two feet of me I whistled and it stopped. I calmly walked into the house and grabbed my camera and some lunch meet. I came back out and the Fox was gone. I whistled again and it came bounding out of the snow and trees.

It ate some meat while I took a fairly long video. The video is too long to load out here in the middle of the Alaskan Bush. We do not have the latest technology in internet cables. Anyway, I tried to hand feed the Fox but it would not get close enough. After the lunch meet was gone I went back into the house and pulled some Swiss cheese out of the fridge.

Here is what transpired.

For the Fox Video video

Safe Flying (I mean safe feeding) out there!

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