Monday, November 22, 2010

My Flying Dilemmas in Oct and Nov 2010

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett
Pastor Holy Rosary Mission Alaska

The last two weeks of October and the first few weeks in November of 2010 provided some flying predicaments unsurpassed for a pilot of 600 hours. During this time of the year the weather hovers around freezing and an adventuresome pilot can get it all: fog, mist, severe turbulence, snow, rain, zero degree weather, and a crystal clear sky.

In the last three weeks I have landed in fog and rain, turned around because the fog started boxing me in, missed an approach because a plow was on the runway, over flew a runway because the snow was too deep to land, and got beat up by turbulence in the mountains West of Dillingham. Bottom line though, I just plane (plain) had a great time. Flying during this time of the year is definitely an adventure, always exhilarating, and occasionally very stressful.

Before the snow set in I got a nice picture from Clarks Point in early October 2010.

Here are some of my adventures over these last few weeks. All these videos and pictures were taken within an hour flight time of Dillingham, Alaska.

During the end of October I had a very foggy and rainy landing in Clarks Point. The ceiling went down to 400 feet.

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In October I tried to fly to Ugashik and Pilot Point but the fog started to box me in by the time I got to Egegik. I turned around and went back to Dillingham. This video was taken about 30 miles north of Egegik.

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In November the snow set in. Here is a picture of New Stuyahok Airport in November 2010.

In November I got a very nice video of the village of Koliganek. I did a slow approach into the dirt runway. The snow, river, and mountains were beautiful.

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While flying to Togiak in November I got beat up by turbulence.

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But I also got some breath taking views.

Finally, I had a missed approach into Togiak, Alaska because the snow on the runway was too deep and well, there was also a plow on the runway plowing snow.

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Fly safe out there!

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Etully said...

Thanks for the enjoyable blog. I'm impressed with Alaska, its people and your service to the community. Fly safe, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and consider maybe marketing that canned smoked salmon, it looks delicious.

Best wishes, from the East coast,