Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Holy Rosary Gray Water System Repair

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett
Pastor, Holy Rosary Mission

With help from Catholic Extension Holy Rosary Alaska Mission was able to repair its gray water system.

When the weather goes down to 300 foot ceilings and 1 mile visibility, a missionary always has work to do. My project for the last few months is repairing the basement drain. I did not really know what I was getting into, but I am learning fast.

August of 2010 we started digging by hand to try to find what was causing water to back-up in the basement. After digging for four days, we discovered an old wooden crib. Pat Durbin and Bernie Venua finally uncovered the pipe. Below, Pat Durbin searches for the crib.

The Archdiocese of Anchorage, with help from Catholic Extension, has set aside a few thousand dollars for major repairs to the property. The total estimate of the work is 3,800 dollars. Some of the work was donated by local contractors and JD Bennis, Pat Durbin, Bernie Venua, and other parishioner of Holy Rosary Parish donated time and talent.

Before Jackson McCormick brought in the heavy equipment, here is what it looked like October 26, 2010.

Before the equipment rolled in I gave Nushagak Cooperative a call and they came out to do a "locate" of the underground power and phone wires.

Jackson McCormick, a local Dillinghammer who has been installing septic systems in this area for over 30 years, sizes up the job. Jackson donated a system in the 1980's for the Cathoic Church, which is located on the other end of our graveled parking lot.

Jackson's wife helps get the back-hoe off the low-boy.

Alaskan Job Interview: Jerry, one of our neighbors, came by with his dog on a four-wheeler to ask for a job while the equipment was being un-loaded.

This is finally going to happen tomorrow, October 27, 2010 at 11:00 AM. YEAH!

Well, it did not start at exactly 11:00 AM, but by noon the crew was all present and started fueling the heavy equipment.

First Blood

After jumping down into the seven foot hole, Jerry uncovers the pipe leading out of the basement.

Gravel is then dumped around the end of the drain pipe to fill in where the old wooden crib was dug out.

JD Bennis helps out with his Bobcat.

Holy Rosary is brought into the 21st century with this cutting edge septic system technology. Jackson McCormick, who has been installing systems for over 30 years said that this new gray water system technology was, "The Cat's meow. It out-performs everything else out there." That black piece is made out of plastic and fits over the end of the drain pipe. Other pieces (4 foot 6 inch sections) are attached to that.

The new system is extended. Each hard plastic section is about four and one half feet long. It is set right on top of two or three feet of gravel.

JD Bennis dumps in another load of gravel. JD, a parishioner of Holy Rosary Parish, is donating his time and talent. Those black plastic shells on the left are layed out end to end on top of the gravel and that is basically the system, so simple!

Jerry and JD jump down into the hole and spread and level the gravel.

Next, the entire system will be covered with another foot of gravel.

Then, some kind of synthetic material is used to cover the last layer of gravel. The object is to not have any gravel showing so no dirt will touch the gravel when the system is filled in completely. By the way, those little white specks on the picture...snow. A blizzard graced us with its presence about halfway through the installation.

JD and his Bobcat.

Finally, the gray water system is filled in with dirt and packed down.

After JD smoothed out the area with the Bobcat, here is a picture of the FINAL PRODUCT.

Thank you all for your help and support of Holy Rosary Alaska Mission!

Contractors, donors, and volunteers involved in the Gray Water System:

Catholic Church Extension Society, Funding
Sr. Charlotte Davenport, CSJP, Finance, Chancery, Anchorage
Bennett Enterprises LLC, Gravel, 907-842-2270
Horizon Contractors, Gravel, 907-842-5683
Jackson McCormick Contractor, Heavy Equipment, 907-842-5364
JD Bennis Contractor and Bed and Breakfast, Bobcat, 907-842-5926
Nushagak Cooperative, Underground wire location, 907-842-5251
Pat Durbin, Maintenance Supervisor, Holy Rosary Parish
Bernie Venua, Maintenance, Holy Rosary Parish
Jerry, neighbor and Laborer


aroarer said...

Does this mean that the basement won't back up any more?
-Arthur, the seminarian

Anonymous said...

Hey Arthur, glad to hear from you. YES. The basement is good to go. No more backing up. Take care and study hard...Fr. Scott

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