Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Birds of Pleasure Island, North Carolina

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett
Pastor Holy Rosary Mission

Pictures by Father Scott

While on vacation in Pleasure Island, North Carolina, Eric, Dawn, and I went for a drive down the beach in Eric’s Jeep. I was able to take pictures of several different bird species. Compared to me, a budding Alaskan Bush Pilot, all these aviators can land gracefully and fly with ease, well, almost all!

We could not find the exact name for these two sleek looking black birds. If you know what they are, let me know!

Here is a flock of American Oystercatchers.

Here is the Adult Laughing Gull.

A couple of Pelicans make a hasty take-off

The Great Black Backed Gull looks for some food along the beach.

The Ibises mingles with other birds in the Cape Fear River basin near the beach.

A Willet walks along the seashore.

Below is a Sand Piper, which is a bit smaller than the Willet.

A small Laughing Gull guards the entrance to the beach.

A covey of Sanderlings scurry around the sand.

Fly Safe out there!

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