Sunday, July 25, 2010

Catholic Anchor Editor Visits Holy Rosary Mission

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett
Pastor of Holy Rosary Mission

Friday, July 23, the editor of the Catholic Anchor arrived in Dillingham, Alaska. Joel Davidson came to Dillingham with hopes of getting some Alaskan Bush stories he could take back to Anchorage with him. His trip was bitter sweet.

His trip was bitter because poor visibility and low ceilings kept our Cherokee Warrior II out of the air. We had planned to fly to Clarks Point, Levelock, and King Salmon for Mass. Additionally we were going to fly to Koliganek to visit some parishioners and then fly over to Kelly Mountain, where James Kelly died on the mountain top!

The visibility and ceiling were terrible the entire time Joel was here. Needless to say, we were grounded. Below, Clarks Point, which is only 12 miles away, could not be seen through the fog.

His trip was sweet because Joel was able to do some interviews with local families. One of his interviews was with the Reynolds family where he interviewed them about homeschooling. Part of being stranded in weather in Dillingham for three days mean one gets a tour. Joel received a great tour of Dillingham: the hospital, Aleknagik Lake, the harbor, and town. We ate at the Twin Dragon Friday evening and I made Tacos on Saturday.

After arriving in Dillingham, Alaska, Joel Davidson poses for a picture in the Holy Rosary Rectory. He is standing by a picture of Martin Luther and Geronimo, which my grandmother painted.

After an interview with the Reynolds family about home schooling, Joel chats with Mark.

Below Joel Davidson takes a picture of the Reynolds family. (back from left to right) Mark, Hugh, Joan, Anthony and dog. Walter is in the front row. Both Anthony and Walter are altar servers at Holy Rosary. Joan home schools all three boys.

Our statue of Mary inside Holy Rosary was re-painted in 2006.

Our Statue of Holy Rosary of Fatima arrived in 2007 from Rome. The Catholic Anchor wrote a story about the statue.

Here the editor of the Catholic Anchor, Joel Davidson, stands on the steps of Holy Rosary.

Joel took a few pictures of the cemetery at Holy Roary.

Two weeks ago, a youth group from Anchorage visited Holy Rosary Mission in Dillingham, Alaska. The youth re-planted the lawn at the Dillingham Public Library. Below, Joel Davidson checks out the progress of the grass.

Fishermen at the Dillingham boat harbor were gearing up for another opening.

The Golda June, a fishing boat owned by parishioners Jim and June Ingram, is prepared for another fishing adventure. Jim and his daughter Golda were confirmed into the Catholic Church by Archbiship Schwietz last month.

Here, I pose by the Golda June.

After a nice potluck after Mass on Sunday at Holy Rosary, we sent Joel back to Anchorage on the 7:15 PM Penair Flight. We hope to see you back very soon Joel!
As always, when the weather permitts, fly safe out there!

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