Monday, January 11, 2010

Clarks Point Baptism Picture in Magaizine Makes the Rounds

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett
Pastor Holy Rosary Mission

Trevallian, whom the Clarks Point Community calls “Alex” was baptized on the kitchen table in Louise Gardener’s home June 20th, 2008. The “St. Anthony Messenger” (based out of Cincinnati, Ohio) used the picture in their magazine ( Effie Caldarola, from Anchorage, wrote the story. Here is that picture taken 20 months ago that was used in the Magazine.

The magazine was read by a woman back East and that same magazine ended up as a gift to the mother in Clarks Point, Alaska. Here is how that happened.

The Flight Service Station (FSS) in Dillingham hired a man a couple months ago who lived back East. His mother read the magazine in Pennsylvania, saw the Clarks Point Baptism, and sent the magazine to her son here in Dillingham. While visiting the FSS to get an update on the weather, I was shown the magazine for the first time. I then flew the magazine out to Clarks Point to give to the mother of “little Alex.”

Here is Justine and the now 20 month old Alex holding up that magazine.

Little Alex was one of the main stars in putting together the Christmas Puzzle during a Mass held in Clarks Point December 31, 2009. Here are a few pictures:

Justine helps Alex put up some of the pieces of the Nativity Puzzle.

Thank you St. Anthony Messenger for your coverage of our Alaskan Mission.

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