Friday, December 18, 2009

World Youth Day 2011: Bristol Bay Alaska

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett

Holy Rosary Mission is gearing up for World Youth Day in August of 2011. Youth from all around Bristol Bay are already getting excited. A trip to Madrid Spain is fantastic, but to be able to see the Pope as well, and meet thousands of other youth, well, one can understand all the eagerness.

Youth from Holy Rosary in Dillingham and Saint Theresa in King Salmon/Naknek have already been discussing the financial aspects of the trip with their parents. The cost per person will be about $4,500 for 17 days of travel, hotel, food, and fun. Mothers and fathers have been talking about fund raisers and PFD’s to help fund the adventure for their young adults. Many of the parents want to go themselves.

Youth have to be at least 15 years of age (I am not positive on this, it may be 16) to go unaccompanied by their parents. Younger youth may go if accompanied by their parents. People older than 18 are all welcome to sign up and go along with the group. To sum up, everyone can go if they want. Only youth 14 or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The idea is to bring youth from around Holy Rosary Mission, which includes villages as far west as Togiak, as far north as Illiamna, as far east as King Salmon, and as far south as Dutch Harbor to come together and plan this pilgrimage together. This pilgrimage to see the Pope will spark interest in Church, increase faith, and hopefully increase love for our Catholic tradition. This will be the first attempt at getting Holy Rosary Mission youth together for World Youth Day.

The way the organizing works is that applications with a $500 deposit get filled out by the youth and sent to Holy Cross Parish in Anchorage. Holy Cross sends off the pertinent information to the travel agencies and finds adult chaperones to travel with the youth from Alaska to Spain and back.

Below is the information. I can email you an application if you are interested. Please CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO MAKE LARGER.

Here is the application that needs to be filled out and sent to Holy Cross in Anchorage with a $500 depostit. You will have to contact me to get this application. I can email you one.

I highly recommend this trip for any Catholic youth and I trust the youth ministers in Anchorage who are organizing this pilgrimage. Please contact me if you are interested and I can keep you updated on events and fundraisers as they transpire. Fr. Scott

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