Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas From Ugashik, Alaska

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett

We finally had some good weather in Bristol Bay. I flew our Cherokee Warrior II to Ugashik for an Albecker family reunion Christmas Mass on December 22, 2009. Here are some pictures.

Hattie and a hunter met me after I landed and took me up to the office where we were going to set up for Mass.

This is an Alaskan Bush Christmas tree!

Setting up for Mass on a Ping Pong table was a first for me. People from the small villiage of nine people start to trickle in. Plus, all of Hattie's family flew in to Ugashik for Christmas. They came from all over the United States.

Hattie sings a solo for our gathering congregation.

A final picture with the entire congregation at Ugashik.

Merry Christmas from Ugashik, Alaska.

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