Monday, November 23, 2009

Water Color and Art Work: Dr. Matteo Guarino

By Father Scott J. Garrett

Every November the Kanakanak hospital hires Dr. Matteo Guarino for a month or so to help out. Matteo is not only a pediatrician, but an artist.

He has donated two stained glass windows to Holy Rosary including the Assumption and Three Angels, and is working on a thrid.

Here is Matteo having a shot of coffe after Mass at Holy Rosary Catholic Church.

Matteo left Dillingham yesterday, Monday, November 23, 2009. He will be traveling to Italy to visit his mother. After Mass last Sunday we gave him a travelers blessing to send him on his way. He just emailed me some of his latest work. It is fabulous.

Several of the pictures are from around the Kanakanak hospital in Dillingham where he works. If you would like his email, please let me know. Also, feel free to make comments below at the end of this post (there is a place to write comments after every post).

This piece is entitled Puerto Escondido.

Here is Pelicans, Puerto Escondido.

From around the hospital, in Dillingham, AK, Autom, Kanakank.

Matteo calls this Amaryllis, Hospital Del Nino

Here is Waterlilies, Laguna De Manialtepec

Waterlilies and Fish, Laguna De Manialtepec

Here is my favorite, Ualik Lake. Ualik Lake is located between Dillingham and Togiak. It is about 25 air miles west of Dillingham not far from the Alaskan native village of Manokotac.

This one is called Street Scene San Cristobal Chiapas.

Here is the ever popular Resurrection Bay, which is located in Seward, Alaska.

Matteo calls this, Reflection in the Snow.

Three Angels - Stained Glass window donated to Holy Rosary by Dr. Matteo Guarino.

Matteo, thank you for sharing your God given gift with all of us! Your great love for God shines through your beautiful work!

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Kristen M. said...

I love Dr. Matteo's paintings. Is there a website or other information where I could find out more about his work... perhaps purchase a print?
Thank you,
Kristen M.