Saturday, November 28, 2009

Smokies: A Family Tradition

By Father Scott J. Garrett

Our family has been making Smokies for several generations. Smokies are a specialized party mix or cereal mix. The recipe was passed down from my father’s side. I have carried on the tradition. Smokies are addictive and delicious. All you need to make them is time, patience, and about $100 dollars, depending on how frugal you are with your shopping. This recipe is for about for roasting pans full of the delectable premium snack mix.


NOTE: Save cereal boxes, cereal liners, and nut containers for later. Also have on hand a couple of brown paper grocery bags.

1 large box Corn Chex
1 large box, Rice Chex
2 boxes Wheat Chex
1 large box Cheerios
4 small boxes reduced fat Cheez-it
3 bags oyster crackers
2 large bag pretzels
2 two pound, 8 oz jars of Fancy Mixed Nuts
4 bags of Bugles
2-3 small jars diced/minced garlic
10 cubes of butter
1 and 3/4 small bottles of Liquid smoke

PREPARATION: As demonstrated by TREVIN, age 7.

Preheat oven to 250.
In a medium sauce pan melt on low heat, butter, garlic, and liquid smoke.

And pour in the secret ingredient, Liquid Smoke.

4 roaster pans and 2-4 brown paper grocery bags are needed.

Open a box of cereal and pour it as even as possible into each roaster pan.
Do the same with everything else but the nuts. Save the nuts until last.
After pouring in all the ingredients except the nuts, mix the Smokies up.

NOTE: The picture below shows the mixing of the Smokies before the nuts are poured on the top. This gentle mixing of the Smokies in the brown paper bags prevents the bugles and cereal from breaking and crumbling.

Mixing, pour the party mix into the bag, then back into the roaster.
Mix up each roaster pan separately.
Pour nuts over the top of each pan of party mix.
With large spoon, ladle four spoons of butter, garlic, party mix over each pan.

NOTE: I normally do two pans at once, that is all that fits in the oven.

Put the Smokies in the oven, close the door, and wait ½ hour.

Take Smokies out of the oven and mix them up, i.e. dump into a brown paper grocery bag and back in roaster.

Ladle more of the smokie butter mix onto the smokies, about four table spoons.

NOTE: When smokie butter mix runs out, continue to mix every 1/2 hour.

Repeat for a total of 3 hours, i.e. take out every ½ hour, mix, and put back in.

NOTE: Rotate the pans in the oven, one on top, one on bottom, then switch.


After the three hours are up, take the smokies out of the oven for the last time.

Let the Smokies cool
Get some strong scotch tape (wide).
Get a black magic marker.
Pour smokies, out of the brown paper bag, into a lined cereal box.

Seal up and scotch tape.
Mark the date on the outside of the box with a magic marker.
Mark them as “Smokies.”
Repeat for all containers

Get some fancy contaiers and fill them with Smokies then give them to your friends/family at Christmas/Thanksgiving/Super Bowl.

Little 20 month old Roman is shown below really happy while eating a small cup of Smokies.



Holy Rosary Mission said...

Trevin, thanx for your help. You did a fantastic job. Hope you carry on the tradition...Uncle Joe

Holy Rosary Mission said...

Great Job Trevin and Father Scott!!! You are awesome! Thanks for sharing your Smokies with Grandma and Papa Dan. Love ya both lots!

Molly said...

Thanks for the memories, cuz! I totally forgot about these. I remember all you big kids would make it, and all of us little folk would eat the bugles and cheez-it while you weren't looking. Kristi used to get sooo mad at us.