Friday, October 9, 2009

Faces of the Chancery: Archdiocese of Anchorage

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett

Each month parishes from around the Archdiocese of Anchorage pay a certain amount of taxes to the chancery (the chancery is also known as the pastoral center). The money to support the chancery comes from all of you who make donations to our Sunday collection. That's right, on a monthly bases every parish pays a 15% tax to help run the chancery. Additonal financial supporrt comes from the archdiocesan annual appeal entitled, "One Bread One Body."

What does "help run the chancery" mean. One can make a good guess by reading each staff members job title. At the chancery there is a vast amount of work that goes on behind closed that is crucial to the livelihood of our Catholic Church. It is my observation, after talking with many of the staff members, that the 15 percent tax Holy Rosary pays each month to our headquarters in Anchorage is put to very good use. If you have any questions or concerns, give them a call!

When one walks into the chancery, he or she will be greeted by the friendly face of our receptionist, Dulce Mateo, 297-7700

A little further up the chain of command is our own archbishop the Most Reverend Roger L. Schwietz, O.M.I. (Order of Mary Immaculate). He is also the Moderator for Ministry of Sanctification. 297-7755

Sr. Charlotte Davenport, C.S.I.P is our Chief Financial Officer and Moderator of Ministry of Service. 297-7712

Here is our Vice Squad, the one and only Eileen Kramer, Vice Chancellor. Eileen is a wonderful person to work with. 297-7722

To get to see the Archbishop, one has to get by, through, or around Kim Bakic, Executive Secretary to the Archbiship. 297-7755

Denise Gamble is in charge of payrole and benefits. An early riser like myself, she was far into her work day well before most people got to work. 297-7725

A new hire as of a couple of days ago, Jeff Rivet works for the Catholic Anchor as a graphics designer. 297-7708

Editor of the Catholic Anchor, Joel Davidson is busy putting together the next Anchor. One of these days he may get up enough guts to come out to Dillingham and fly around with me. Your welcome anytime Joel. 297-7708

Those with questions about Native Ministry can contact Sr. Donna Kramer, D.C. (Daughters of Charity) 297-7777.

Nora Orteiz Fredrick is an Associate Director of Stewardship and Development. She helped me put together a presentation for my World Mission talks in Wisconsin this year. 297-7789

Julie Varee, also an Associate Director of Stewardship and Development, has aided tremendously in raising money for Holy Rosary Mission. She helped arrange my Mission Talks this year. 297-7718

Our Finance Manager, Monika Scott, is working on that big audit going on. Holy Rosary works closely with her to ensure all our books are A-OK! 297-7723

An Accounting major, Christine Hannula helps with finance. She is in charge of Cash Receipts, Bank Reconciliations, and General Ledger. 297-7760

Sr. Joan Oberle is a case manager for the tribunal. Her and I work closely together and she has helped me in my new role in the tribunal. She is an editor of a Holy Cross news letter and a fantastic person to work with. 297-7724

All the Archdiocese of Anchorage staff members are listed below.

Ministry of Faith Formation: Moderator Father Steven Moore
Fr. Steven Moore: Vicar General
Sr. Ann Fallon: Catholic Schools
Deacon Ted Greene: Justice, Faith, and Peace
Nora Ortiz Fredrick: Development, Schools
Cindy Lentine: Support, Faith Formation & Schools
Joel Davidson: Anchor Editor
Jeff Rivet: Catholic Anchor Graphics Designer
Patricia Coll Freeman: Anchor Assistant Editor
Sandy Busch: Anchor Ad Manager/layout
Sr. Mary Peters Diaz: Campus Ministry

Ministry of Sanctification: Moderator Archbishop Roger Schwietz
Fr. Bill Fournier: Chancellor
Eileen Kramer: Vice Chancellor
Kim Bakic: Executive Secretary to the Archbishop
Jim Caldarola: Director of Stewardship and Development
Nora Ortiz Fredrick: Development
Julie Varee: Development
Randy Stone: Development, database manager
Christine McClain: Development, database services
Fr. Thomas Brundage: Judicial Vicar
Jenny Michaelson: Tribunal
Sr. Joan Oberle: Tribunal
Fr. Scott J. Garrett: Adjutant Judicial Vicar
Sr. Donna Kramer: Native Ministry
Deacon Bill Finnegan: Tribunal Judge
Sr. Jacqueline Stoll: Safe Environment, Parish Nursing

Ministry of Service: Moderator Sr. Charlotte Davenport
Joann White: Office of Emeritus Archbishop
Sr. Charlotte Davenport: Chief Financial Officer
Dulce Mateo: Administration Reception
Cindy Lentine: Communications
Monika Scott: Finance Manager
Denise Gamble: Payroll, Benefits, Accounts Payable
Christine Hannula: Cash Receipts, General Ledger

To speak with any of these staff memb
ers, either dial them direct or call Dulce at 907-297-7700 and she can patch you through.

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