Friday, September 25, 2009

The Alaskan Bush: Dillingham Dumpsters

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett

For the Holy Rosary Mission I am stationed in Dillingham, Alaska. I have always been impressed by the colorful dumpsters that are placed around all the businesses in this small Alaskan Village.

In Dillingham there are dumpsters that are, well, special. What makes them so special? The youth around town have taken it upon themselves to use the dumpsters as a way of spreading good values and generally, using them as a medium to bolster spirits. These dumpsters are colorful, send a nice friendly message, and foster creativity.

This creativity is a great way to put a little sunshine into the lives of Dillinghammers. Otherwise, the dumpsters would be kind of "ho hum." Here are a few more of those dumpsters.

Have a great day and keep those creative juices flowing!

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