Saturday, August 29, 2009

Father Scott Takes a Vacation - II

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett

After doing mission talks in the Green Bay area, I took a week off to go visit Eric, the guy who was responsible for me converting to Catholicism, and his wife Dawn, in Carolina Beach. While at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Eric invited me to the Catholic Church on Campus in 1985. The rest is history. I was confirmed Catholic when I was 27 years old and became a priest in May 2003.

I have to mention that I had dinner with the movie star Joy Galeotti, who is currently trying to get a Broadway show off the ground, "The Notebook." Dawn is working with Joy on this musical production. Here is a picture of Joy hosting her first cast party for that Musical. To see and read more, CLICK HERE.

Further adventures began when Eric, Dawn, the Mayor of Carolina Beach, and I had to move a huge coke machine from a store on the beach boardwalk to a bistro a few blocks away. Wished I had a picture of us riding on the small trailer, going through Carolina Beach, hugging this coke machine so it wouldn't fall over. It almost did fall over and Dawn sacrificed herself to save it. We both almost tumbled off the trailer into the traffic. Dawn hurt her foot, but thankfully not seriously. Yikes. Afterward we ate some kind of pizza called flatbread, which was delicious!

After moving the Coke machine, Eric noticed that I didn't have that Carolina Beach bum look. It was then that he decided to magically transform me. I had to wear T-shirts with no front pockets, shorts that came down a little past my knees, flip flops, and my cap pulled down, i.e. not riding on the top of my head like military hats. The cap was the hardest to get used to, but I persevered and looked like one of the locals in no time at all.

The big news was Hurricane Bill, which never actually caused to much trouble in Carolina Beach. Although I have never been in a hurricane, and although I went to Carolina Beach in August so I might experience a hurricane, I am actually glad that the hurricane never hit us, so are Eric and Dawn...there new house would have been devastated.

Here are some of the waves that were caused by Hurricane Bill. They were expecting much larger ones, like 15 footers. These were less than eight. Hey, is that me surfing?

Here is a picture of the Harbor in Wilmington, NC.

Remember, it is important and healthy to take time off for YOU. Happy vacation!

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