Monday, August 17, 2009

Holy Cross and Saint Anne Mission Talks

By Father Scott J. Garrett

This last weekend I was at Holy Cross in Mishicot, Wi. and Saint Anne in Francis Creek to give mission talks. Most of the staff at Holy Cross also serves the smaller Saint Anne.

Father Paul Paider, the pastor, was very gracious in letting me stay in the rectory from Sunday, August 6 to Sunday, August 16. He had coffee brewing at 4:00 AM every morning for me when I got up. Here he is celebrating daily Mass at Holy Cross.

Father Paider collects old steel miniature farm machinery. Besides serving our Lord, his second passion is farming. If you have any collectable farm machinery you want to un-burden yourself with, he is your guy (920) 755-2550.

Here is the sign in front of the Holy Cross church in Mishicot.

Here is the Holy Cross Church Building, Mishicot, WI.

Mary Butler, the Parish Office Secretary, is a tremendous asset to Holy Cross. She has served for over 25 years and has seen four pastors come and go. Mary and I had talks about the Packers, finance, and all the tourist spots. She let me hang out in the office and use the internet and her computer. My first day here she gave me her home phone number in case anything should come up. Thank you Mary for making my time in your beautiful small town memorable and enjoyable.

Jerry Graycarek gave me a tour of the school and church. He totally helped me out at mass, locking up, preparing the vestments, setting up the credence table, and generally making sure that I had everything I needed. What a great guy to work with. Thank you Jerry for you hospitality and kindness.

Shown below from left to right are Judy Bohman (Extra-ordinary Eucharistic Minister) and altar servers Elizabeth, Kelly, and Kyle. All ready for the 8:00 AM Mass at Holy Cross.

Some sharp altar servers at the 8:00 AM Mass at Holy Cross, from left to right, Elizabeth, Kelly, and Kyle.

Here are Paige and Alan, lecters at the 8:00 AM Mass at Holy Cross.

At Holy Cross is Mishicot, WI, Saturday at 4:00 PM Mass, we had two altar servers, Derek and Dylan. Mary Scheuer (far right) was the Lector.

Jerry and an Usher stay after Mass at Holy Cross to count the World Mission money donated by generous parishioners at Holy Cross.

Saint Anne Catholic Church sign in front of the church in Francis Creek, WI.

Here is a picture of Saint Anne in Francis Creek, WI.

The beautiful old building is located near corn fields, Francis Creek, WI.

This altar server volunteered for the Saturday evening Mass at 6:00 PM at Saint Annes in Francis Creek, WI.

The Lector at Saint Anne 6:00 PM Mass on Saturday is below. There always seems to be one tough word in the readings and last week the word was "debauchary." This Lector had some difficulty pronouncing it but after some practice pulled it off without a hitch. After Mass she said she almost "laughed outloud (lol)" as she was pronouncing the word.

Thank you very much Holy Cross and Saint Anne. We really appreciate your kindness and generosity!

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