Saturday, August 29, 2009

Father Scott Takes a Vacation - II

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett

After doing mission talks in the Green Bay area, I took a week off to go visit Eric, the guy who was responsible for me converting to Catholicism, and his wife Dawn, in Carolina Beach. While at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Eric invited me to the Catholic Church on Campus in 1985. The rest is history. I was confirmed Catholic when I was 27 years old and became a priest in May 2003.

I have to mention that I had dinner with the movie star Joy Galeotti, who is currently trying to get a Broadway show off the ground, "The Notebook." Dawn is working with Joy on this musical production. Here is a picture of Joy hosting her first cast party for that Musical. To see and read more, CLICK HERE.

Further adventures began when Eric, Dawn, the Mayor of Carolina Beach, and I had to move a huge coke machine from a store on the beach boardwalk to a bistro a few blocks away. Wished I had a picture of us riding on the small trailer, going through Carolina Beach, hugging this coke machine so it wouldn't fall over. It almost did fall over and Dawn sacrificed herself to save it. We both almost tumbled off the trailer into the traffic. Dawn hurt her foot, but thankfully not seriously. Yikes. Afterward we ate some kind of pizza called flatbread, which was delicious!

After moving the Coke machine, Eric noticed that I didn't have that Carolina Beach bum look. It was then that he decided to magically transform me. I had to wear T-shirts with no front pockets, shorts that came down a little past my knees, flip flops, and my cap pulled down, i.e. not riding on the top of my head like military hats. The cap was the hardest to get used to, but I persevered and looked like one of the locals in no time at all.

The big news was Hurricane Bill, which never actually caused to much trouble in Carolina Beach. Although I have never been in a hurricane, and although I went to Carolina Beach in August so I might experience a hurricane, I am actually glad that the hurricane never hit us, so are Eric and Dawn...there new house would have been devastated.

Here are some of the waves that were caused by Hurricane Bill. They were expecting much larger ones, like 15 footers. These were less than eight. Hey, is that me surfing?

Here is a picture of the Harbor in Wilmington, NC.

Remember, it is important and healthy to take time off for YOU. Happy vacation!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Holy Cross and Saint Anne Mission Talks

By Father Scott J. Garrett

This last weekend I was at Holy Cross in Mishicot, Wi. and Saint Anne in Francis Creek to give mission talks. Most of the staff at Holy Cross also serves the smaller Saint Anne.

Father Paul Paider, the pastor, was very gracious in letting me stay in the rectory from Sunday, August 6 to Sunday, August 16. He had coffee brewing at 4:00 AM every morning for me when I got up. Here he is celebrating daily Mass at Holy Cross.

Father Paider collects old steel miniature farm machinery. Besides serving our Lord, his second passion is farming. If you have any collectable farm machinery you want to un-burden yourself with, he is your guy (920) 755-2550.

Here is the sign in front of the Holy Cross church in Mishicot.

Here is the Holy Cross Church Building, Mishicot, WI.

Mary Butler, the Parish Office Secretary, is a tremendous asset to Holy Cross. She has served for over 25 years and has seen four pastors come and go. Mary and I had talks about the Packers, finance, and all the tourist spots. She let me hang out in the office and use the internet and her computer. My first day here she gave me her home phone number in case anything should come up. Thank you Mary for making my time in your beautiful small town memorable and enjoyable.

Jerry Graycarek gave me a tour of the school and church. He totally helped me out at mass, locking up, preparing the vestments, setting up the credence table, and generally making sure that I had everything I needed. What a great guy to work with. Thank you Jerry for you hospitality and kindness.

Shown below from left to right are Judy Bohman (Extra-ordinary Eucharistic Minister) and altar servers Elizabeth, Kelly, and Kyle. All ready for the 8:00 AM Mass at Holy Cross.

Some sharp altar servers at the 8:00 AM Mass at Holy Cross, from left to right, Elizabeth, Kelly, and Kyle.

Here are Paige and Alan, lecters at the 8:00 AM Mass at Holy Cross.

At Holy Cross is Mishicot, WI, Saturday at 4:00 PM Mass, we had two altar servers, Derek and Dylan. Mary Scheuer (far right) was the Lector.

Jerry and an Usher stay after Mass at Holy Cross to count the World Mission money donated by generous parishioners at Holy Cross.

Saint Anne Catholic Church sign in front of the church in Francis Creek, WI.

Here is a picture of Saint Anne in Francis Creek, WI.

The beautiful old building is located near corn fields, Francis Creek, WI.

This altar server volunteered for the Saturday evening Mass at 6:00 PM at Saint Annes in Francis Creek, WI.

The Lector at Saint Anne 6:00 PM Mass on Saturday is below. There always seems to be one tough word in the readings and last week the word was "debauchary." This Lector had some difficulty pronouncing it but after some practice pulled it off without a hitch. After Mass she said she almost "laughed outloud (lol)" as she was pronouncing the word.

Thank you very much Holy Cross and Saint Anne. We really appreciate your kindness and generosity!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

GB Packer Training Camp 2009

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett

Lambeua Field, Green Bay, WI., Tuesday, August 11, 2009, on the 90th anniversary of the Packers.

The Green Bay Packer fans ROCK! After arriving at Lambeau Field I first had to have my picture taken in front of the statue of Vince Lombardi, the man who lit the Packers on fire. Click on all pictures to make larger.

Then a picture with another legend, my grade school idol Bart Starr, well, at least with Bart's picture.

Here is my half sister Staci in front of Lambeau Field.

Staci asked one of the diehard Green Bay Packer fans what we should see. This fan started talking about the Green Bay Packers riding in on kids bikes to practice. I thought the guy was a little nuts so I kind of tuned him out. He basically said the players get on children’s bicycles and ride to the training field. Yeah, right. Here is what actually happened. Well, that actually happened! Here is Durant Brooks, number 8, punter.

The children wait for more players to come out of the locker room.

Number 23, Tyrell Sutton, Running Back.

Here is a guard, number 64, Andrew Harline.

Here is the little guy, number 22, who told me where to stand so I could get autographs from the players. The Green Bay Packer on the bike here is number 87, Jordy Nelson, WR. My first Video Attemp.

Devin Frischknecht, Tight End, number 46.

Number 96, Michael Montgomery, Defensive end, and me.

Packers warm up before running plays. 54, Brandon Chillar; 96 Michael Montgomery; 98 Alfred Malone;

Here the Packers are praying to the rain god's, or something?

Starting Quarter Back Aaron Rodgers lines up for a Pass.

Rodgers runs out on the field.

Aaron Rodgers, starting QB, talks with running back Ryan Grant.

Number 36 Nick Collins, safety and number 51 Brady Poppings, line backer, get ready to intercept Rodger's Pass.

Number 27 comes off the practice field, which is located next to Lambeau Stadium.

Rick Tennyson, a parishioner from Dillingham, Alaska, suggested that I get a Packer football and try to get some autographs. Then, I could auction it off and raise money for World Youth Day in Madrid Spain, 2011. I have a list of 12 youth who I plan to get signed up. They are all from the Holy Rosary Mission territory, i.e. Clarks Point, Naknek, Dillingham, King Salmon. Great idea Rick, I hope to get three more signatures, that is what my sister Staci challenged me to do. Believe it or not, the signatures are not that easy to get.

UPDATE: 14 August, Signatures

#2: Kicker Mason Crosby #11: Back-up Quarter Back Brian Brahm #36: Pro Bowler Safety Nick Collins #98: Defensive End Alfred Malone

I hope to go to the Green Bay Packer Hall of fame today. God bless...Fr. Scott

Monday, August 10, 2009

Good Shepherd Meets Holy Rosary Mission

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett
Pastor, Holy Rosary Mission, Dillingham, Alaska

The Archdiocese of Anchorage sent me to Good Shepherd Parish in Chilton, Wisconsin to help raise money for the world missions. From my understanding an organization called the Mission Cooperation Plan is conducted by the Catholic Foundation. Basically through this program the Catholic Foundation choose missionaries from mission dioceses to go out and raise money for world missions. The money from all the donations goes into a big pool of money and is then divided up among all the participating missions.

For my first mission talks (this is the first time I have ever given a mission talk anywhere), I was selected to go to Good Shepherd parish. Good Shepherd has two Saturday evening Masses and two Sunday morning masses. I was the main celebrant for all four of the masses.

Here is the huge old beautiful church building.

My presentation was during the Homily. It consisted of five minutes talking about the scriptures and five minutes talking about the missions. I focused on my mission at Holy Rosary in Dillingham., although I talked about all the missions in Alaska and the world. It was fun and exciting to share our wonderful mission with people from Wisconsin. The hard part was choosing what to talk about. Every mass was a different talk because there was so much I wanted to say. I still have a lot of work to do to iron out my presentation.

What made my experience very good, in fact fabulous, was the hospitality I received from the Good Shepherd staff. What a great bunch of people. They made me feel welcome and at home. In fact, Deacon Dennis Bennin volunteered to deacon all four masses with me, which made my experience celebrating mass in a new environment, very easy and less stressful. THANK YOU DENNIS.

I would like to thank all of the staff, especially Fr. Bob Kollath, for allowing me to raise money at his church and stay in the rectory. Thank you Sandy and Ruth for your help and assistance. Also, thank you to Pat for all the beautiful music and for Jose, their seminarian, for helping to sent up my slide show presentation.

Below are a couple of pictures that were taken before some of the masses began.

Ruth Thede and I pose before the beginning of the 8:00 A.M. Mass. She was like the MC in charge and took care of ensuring the mass started on time. She is also the housekeeper for Good Shepherd. She took great care of me!

From left to right, Fr. Scott, Page, Deacon Dennis, and the Sheriff!

Deacon Dennis and I pose before the 10:00 AM Mass. He was a great help to me while I was celebrating all four masses.

Altar servers at the 8:00 A.M. Mass. Thank you for your service!

I talked to several parishioners before and after masses. Here are a couple funny questions and comments that transpired.

Question: If you are so short of priests in the Archdiocese of Anchorage, how can you afford the time to be here?

My Answer: We are also short on money!

Comment: Why is the statue of Saint Theresa, the one on the dashboard of your airplane, facing toward you? It should be looking out the window ahead. After a little reflection he said, forget that, I forgot women seem to have eyes in the back of their heads!

Thank you to all the generous parishioners at Good Shepherd parish who donated to the world missions. Together, in unity, we are taking the Gospel to the “Ends of the Earth” and building the Kingdom of Good. You are all a big part of that!

Next week-end I will be in Mishicot and Francis Creek Wisconsin for masses at Holy Cross and Saint Anne.

Please pray for me and all the missions in the world!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Saint Theresa: Protector for Aviators

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett

A couple years ago I took a person for a ride in my Cherokee Warrior II. Fr. Joel Alamen from California wanted to visit an Alaskan Mission. He stayed a few days and we ended up flying to Illiamna for mass one day. After the flight Fr. Joel said, “I don’t see anything religious in this plane, you should get something!”

During my last annual aircraft inspection I had my A&P mechanic Larry Tibbitts, of Tibbitts Airmotive in King Salmon, mount a small statue of Saint Theresa on the dash board of the airplane. I don’t know if he had to do a “weight and balance” to account for the new weight of not?

I ended up doing some research and found that Saint Theresa, our patroness for the Archdiocese of Anchorage was also a patron saint for air travelers. Among other saints for aviators are Our Lady of Loreto and Joseph of Cupertino.

Saint Theresa is known as Theresa of Lisieux, Theresa of the Infant Jesus, and Little Flower of Jesus. Although she is not the premier authority on airline safety, she is tagged with being a protector of aviators.

Patron saints are people chosen as special guardians, protector, or supporters. Here are a few special causes that are attributed to Saint Theresa:

Aviators; Air crews; aircraft pilots; Spanish air crews; Belgian air crews; missionaries; foreign missions; Archdiocese of Anchorage, Alaska; Diocese of Fairbanks, Alaska; diocese of Juneau, Alaska; black missions; flower growers; AIDS sufferers; illness; loss of parents; sick people; tuberculosis

I usually file a flight plan with one person on board, me. One of the controllers in the Flight Service Station at the Dillingham airport always teases me about my co-pilot. When I radio in he asks me, “How many on board did you say you had?” That statue of Saint Theresa reminds me that I am not the only one on-board the aircraft.

You do not know how many times I have been a bit worried or stressed about the terrible weather while flying along and gazed up and looked at that statue. It instantly brings a calm over me. I realize that I am not always in total control and that someone else is looking out for me as well, i.e. God.

For more info about Saint Theresa CLICK HERE.

For another source of info CLICK HERE.

Why Patron Saint of Aviators: CLICK HERE.

Safe flying out there!