Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cemetery Blessing: Memorial Day

By Father Scott J. Garrett
Pictures by Becky Chandler
Altar Server: Brian V.

Holy Rosary Catholic Church celebrated Memorial Day, May 25, 2009, with a special blessing of its cemetery. Several people came to pray for, and pay tribute to, their loved ones who have died and are now buried in the small graveyard.

At noon, family members and friends of the deceased met in the parking lot and we processed to the cemetery.

Robert Clark breaks off a dead limb helping his wife Angela to distribute carnations to each person.

We gathered for the opening prayer and Lord's Prayer

During the Sprinkling Rite, we put a red carnation on each of the 46 grave sites. There are a total of 130 plots.

While each grave site is being blessed with Holy Water, Janice Shilanski and here daughter follow along and place carnations on each one.

Pearl Strub places a carnation on the grave site of Willard Lopez.

Pat Durbin, shown behind his son's grave, places a carnation on the grave of Howard Jones.

The weather was bugs, warm sunshine, and blue sky.

We reconvened afterward for the final prayer and dismissal. Brian, the Altar Server, volunteered to serve during this blessing ceremony. Thank you Brian!

Far left, Joann Armstrong looks out over the cemetery and remembers her son Ross who was buried here September of 1978.

Below, from left to right, Pat Durbin, Robert Clark, Angie Venua, and Angela Clark, receive a final blessing.

Before leaving, Janet Schlagel, Pearl and Henry Strub stand near the grave of Wayne A. Taylor.

Nora from The Cracker Box donated 50 Red Carnations. John Paul Bouker donated some $1200 for cemetery up-keep. Pat Durbin donated his time to mow the cemetery grounds. Becky Chandler took pictures. Thank you all for your generosity!

On this Memorial Day, may God bless all of those brave men and women who have died serving our country.

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