Saturday, May 30, 2009

Clarks Point: Baptism and Confirmation

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett
Pictures by Mariano Floresta

On Friday, May 29, at Saint Peter the Fisherman in Clarks Point, Alaska, John Thomas Egbert was baptized and Judy George was conditionally baptized, confirmed, celebrated her first reconciliation, and First Communion. Judy converted from Moravian to Catholicism.

Judy was going to be brought fully into the Catholic Church during the Easter Vigil April 11, 2009 but had some family emergencies that day. The re-scheduled day could not have been better...Pentecost!

Mariano Floresta did a fantastic job of cleaning up the old church. He installed a wood stove so it was nice and warm for the Mass. Here is what the church looked like after he cleaned it up. (Click on Pictures to make larger).

After breaking the first baptismal bowl (I sat it on the wood stove to warm the water and it shattered) Judy George and John Thomas Egbert prepared for Baptism.

John Thomas being baptized.

Judy is receiving the Sacrament of Baptism.

Harry Egbert holds the lighted baptismal candle for John Thomas.

Judy takes the confirmation oath with Mariano her sponsor. "I believe and profess all that the Holy Catholic church believes, teaches, and proclaims to be revealed by God.

Judy experiences the laying on of hands before being anointed.

She is anointed with the sacred Chrism oil consecrated by the Archbishop of Anchorage during the Chrism Mass in April.

Congrats! Our newest Catholic member, Judy George.

Judy receives First Communion.

Louise Gardener sits near the nice warm wood stove that Mariano installed just the other day.

Tiffany poses for a picture after Mass.

Mariano prepared the Moose meat before the Mass.

JB smiles after loading up his plate with moose meat and bread during the gathering after the ceremony.

Thank you to the community of Clarks Point for helping with this special day for John Thomas Egbert and Judy George! May the peace of Christ be with you always.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cemetery Blessing: Memorial Day

By Father Scott J. Garrett
Pictures by Becky Chandler
Altar Server: Brian V.

Holy Rosary Catholic Church celebrated Memorial Day, May 25, 2009, with a special blessing of its cemetery. Several people came to pray for, and pay tribute to, their loved ones who have died and are now buried in the small graveyard.

At noon, family members and friends of the deceased met in the parking lot and we processed to the cemetery.

Robert Clark breaks off a dead limb helping his wife Angela to distribute carnations to each person.

We gathered for the opening prayer and Lord's Prayer

During the Sprinkling Rite, we put a red carnation on each of the 46 grave sites. There are a total of 130 plots.

While each grave site is being blessed with Holy Water, Janice Shilanski and here daughter follow along and place carnations on each one.

Pearl Strub places a carnation on the grave site of Willard Lopez.

Pat Durbin, shown behind his son's grave, places a carnation on the grave of Howard Jones.

The weather was bugs, warm sunshine, and blue sky.

We reconvened afterward for the final prayer and dismissal. Brian, the Altar Server, volunteered to serve during this blessing ceremony. Thank you Brian!

Far left, Joann Armstrong looks out over the cemetery and remembers her son Ross who was buried here September of 1978.

Below, from left to right, Pat Durbin, Robert Clark, Angie Venua, and Angela Clark, receive a final blessing.

Before leaving, Janet Schlagel, Pearl and Henry Strub stand near the grave of Wayne A. Taylor.

Nora from The Cracker Box donated 50 Red Carnations. John Paul Bouker donated some $1200 for cemetery up-keep. Pat Durbin donated his time to mow the cemetery grounds. Becky Chandler took pictures. Thank you all for your generosity!

On this Memorial Day, may God bless all of those brave men and women who have died serving our country.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Alaskan Bush Pilots - Best of the Best

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett

Have you ever wondered what an Alaskan Bush Pilot looks like? Here is what one does NOT look like:

That's me posing in front of my Cherokee Warrior II. I have flown out in the Alaskan bush nearly four years and have racked up about 350 hours. Basically, I can't really call myself an Alaskan Bush Pilot...maybe a bush pilot wannabe (CLICK IN PICTURES TO MAKE LARGER)

The pictures below will give you an idea of what the "Best of the Best" Alaskan Bush Pilots look like. Bush pilots are a rare breed, especially in Bristol Bay. The weather changes so rapidly that pilots must be at there best to navigate through freezing rain, mist, fog, 30-40 knot winds, snow, and minus 30 degree temperatures

The Dillingham Airport Manger is nick-named Cooley. He is a long time resident of Dillingham and lives up to his nick name. Among the many duties of airport managers, Cooley also flies his Cherokee 180 around to all the nearby villages so he can get condition updates on the runways and fix whatever happens to be broken, such as lights, equipment, etc. I park my airplane next to his, which is directly behind his office at the Department of Transportation.

True Alaskan Bush Pilots carry almost anything deep into the Alaskan Bush and the several surrounding villages. They transport hunters, fishermen, campers, sight seers, survey crews, contractors, hospital workers, snow machines, tools, building materials...basically anything they can fit into an aircraft.

Here are a few of the people who have dedicated their lives to flying in the Bristol Bay area. These unique, skilled, and courageous people, combined, account for well over a hundred years of flying experience. Unfortunately, I was not able to get all the bush pilots, but these are most of the "Best of the Best." I would recommend calling any of them to fly you around the Bristol Bay area.

Privately owned Dillingham Alaska bush Air Service:

Alaska Cargo Services: One of the long time flyers around Bristol Bay is Bo. That is the only name I know him by and well, everyone just calls him that. I don’t even know what his last name is. Bo has thousands upon thousands of hours of flying time. When I took this picture Bo was mounting skis on his Maroon de Havilland Otter. He flies fuel into the surrounding remote villages and is also the agent for Northern Air Cargo (an all cargo air carrier out of Anchorage). 907)842-2400, Fax (907) 842-2432.

Tucker Aviation: Tommy Tucker has been flying around Bristol Bay since the early 1970's. He has three airplanes and a helicopter. Tommy is the FBO (a kind of airplane service station)in Dillingham and is teaching me the pass through the mountains to Togiak, Alaska. 907-842-1023

Van Air: Matt and Louisa Vandeventer own and operate Van Air together. Matt served in the Marines. He is not only an excellent bush pilot but an A&P mechanic as well. Matt is my go-to-person when I have questions about flying and aircraft mechanics (and I have lots of them). He flies me over to Clarks Point when I do not trust myself to fly in marginal weather. Matt has positioned his air service as an "On Demand Charter Service." He flies a Cherokee Six, N4571T. (907) 842-4985

Bay Air: Tom Schlagel flies both the newly acquired N388X and also a Beaver on floats, N364RA. The picture was taken May 15, 2009. In the background are two hunters unloading the Maule aircraft after Tom flew them back from a week long stay hunt in the "Wilds" north of Dillingham. They bagged a bear. Tom has flown for some 32 years. (907) 842-2570

Here is Tom's Beaver on floats. It will be taken from the Dillingham Airport to Shannon's Pond as soon as the ice melts on the lakes.

Bristol Bay Air: John Paul Bouker has been an Alaskan bush pilot for well over 20 years. If you want to go to Manokotak, he is your guy. John Paul is a living legend around Bristol Bay. He owns two aircraft and he is shown here in front of his favorite aircraft Cessna N9943M. John is also a Dillingham High Graduate. (907) 842-2227

Shannon's Air Taxi: Eric Shade is another long time bush pilot with several years experience. He owns Shannon's pond and owns Shannon's Air Service. This guy is a dynamo pilot (or should I say SUPER pilot) and has been flying since he graduated from high school here in Dillingham. (907) 842-2735

Alaska Island Air: Sean Carlos and his father Gary Carlos operate Cessna N9304K. They are based in Togiak, about 50 minutes by air Southwest of Dillingham. They also have a station in Dillingham right next to Bristol Bay Air. Sean is shown below. He has flown in the area for about eight years. (907) 842-5120

Mulchatna Air: Leon Braswell and his son Jerrold operate Muchatna Air out of Dillingham. His son flies Cessna 95W while Leon usually jumps in Cessna N88PB. Leon is another long time bush pilot. Leon has probably lived here in Dillingham longer than any other Bush Pilot flying today. He is truly a professional. (907) 842-4500

Here is Jerrold after picking up a few passengers from New Stu.

Grant Aviatiion Pilots

Grant Aviation has bases all over Alaska. They have three pilots working out of Dillingham. Here is there chief pilot Chris. Chris took me to Clarks Point last Friday, April 9, 2010, while our Cherokee Warrior II is receiving its annual inspection. Give Grant a call at (907) 842-2955.

Penair Pilots

Next are some Penair pilots who I have flown with when the weather was too bad for me to fly myself. First is Robert, who is a native of Manokotak, and the most experienced Penair bush pilot. He is the lead pilot at Penair in Dillingham. This is his home and he knows the area like the back of his hand. Robert is one of the Best of the Best. (907) 842-5559

Steve has flown Cherokees for a couple of years. He has recently checked out in the caravan. He lives here in Dillingham with his wife and daughter.

Billy Tolbert (left) and Pat Shryock (right) fly for Penair out of King Salmon. Pat is a double I flight instructor. I flew with him for two hours one day near Egegik in 50 knot winds. Billy has a shot of whiskey in his hand (just kidding)! Both Billy and Pat are super high hour pilots and two of the best around.

Every morning, before I start my day I pray for the intercession of Saint Theresa for the safety of all aviators and air passengers around the world. Safe flying out there!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Memorial Day Service - May 25 2009

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett

Holy Rosary will attempt (weather permitting) to have its first outdoor grave site Memorial day Mass. All are invited to attend. The mass will begin at noon, May 25th, 2009.

Please park your cars in the Holy Rosary parking lot and walk down the road to the cemetery. If you need to drop someone off at the cemetery, please drive down the road, drop them off, and return your vehicle to the Holy Rosary Parking lot.

Here are some pictures of the Holy Rosary cemetery (CLICK ON PICTURES TO MAKE LARGER):

A list of the people buried in the cemetery are below. There are 46 people actually buried in the cemetery and a total of 120 to 130 plots.

When reading the data below, first is the plot number, then the name, then the date of birth, and the date of death. If there are any changes that need to be made, please let me know.

20 Agibinik, Link 02/22/93 12/07/93

29 Armstrong, Ross 01/11/59 09/03/78

01 Ayuluk, Leo Shane 01/26/76 07/05/04

59 Barrett, Laurence F. 08/21/23 08/15/79

41 Bennis, John R. 11/12/15 09/18/90

64 Bishop, William 01/01/20 12/07/87

118 Bouker, David Nichlas 12/23/66 06/23/85

90 Chiklak, Ivan 01/01/01 12/09/68

115 Clark, Janice 03/05/36 N/A
115 Clark, Martin 05/08/31 N/A

116 Clark, Paul Martin 03/21/65 04/16/83

117 Clark, Thomas 05/23/59 10/10/96

18 Cox, Jerry C. 08/28/22 02/10/05

114 Durbin, Patrick Lego Jr. 10/02/74 07/12/94

65 Franklan, Bessie 01/01/16 12/21/89

56 Huda, Albert N/A 12/26/72

94 Jones, Frannie 05/23/19 01/09/93

93 Jones, Howard 08/14/06 02/18/77

91 Jones, Jack Jospeh 03/29/42 12/11/68

92 Jones, Raymond George 04/16/60 09/04/83

27 Larson, Carl L. 10/22/37 11/16/97
27 Larson, Megan Ann N/A 12/04/00

73 Lopez, Barbara Joyce 07/11/50 03/02/00

79 Lopez, Delila N/A 02/09/80

77 Lopez, Flora M. 05/18/22 12/17/68

75 Lopez, Leonard L. Jr. 07/16/66 03/08/75

74 Lopez, Leonard Sr. 09/10/40 07/15/02

76 Lopez, Loren Lee N/A 03/12/81

99 Lopez, Maximo 09/08/44 07/22/65

78 Lopez, Micky 06/18/06 12/26/68

81 Lopez, Willard 07/20/51 09/11/05

02 McRae, Leo Warren 05/09/49 11/03/99

43 Murphy, Richard M. 01/01/35 03/26/89

68 Murphy, Thomas 02/06/33 05/20/77

88 Nolay, Alma Helena 11/23/43 03/14/01

89 Nolay, Charles 05/15/21 07/29/06

102 Paulson, David 01/01/65 09/21/67

103 Paulson, Helen 01/01/30 03/27/70

101 Paulson, Louis 03/09/62 12/09/62

80 Philemonoff, J.P. 06/30/00 06/30/00

104 Roehl, B.J. 06/27/88 06/27/88

105 Roehl, Loreita Lee 05/23/45 11/02/84

58 Roque, Conrado J. Born 1899 03/28/79

19 Rotzler, Francisco Ruiz 02/01/94 02/01/94

08 Scandura, Rosario Joseph 08/03/19 11/10/97

61 Shilanski, Rick Born 1954 Died 1996

63 Taylor, Wayne A. 06/30/51 11/15/79