Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Metal Refinishing - Matthew Signo

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett

A few weeks ago Matthew Signo gave me a call and asked if I had any old metal vessels or candle holders I wanted to have refinished. Searching through some of the old sacred vessels at Holy Rosary and Saint Theresa, I came up with a couple of chalices. I decided to send them out to get refurbished. Matthew informed me that they were sterling silver and very valuable.

Within a week, after shipping the chalices all the way from Dillingham, Alaska, I had the refinished chalices and was using them for Mass.

I highly recommend Matthew if you have any metal refinishing work you want done. He is very professional, a great communicator, and he enjoys his work. He is just starting his business and would like your patronage. As you can see from the below photos, he does beautiful work.

Here is how you can contact Matthew Signo:
Phone: 281-995-3778
Address: 15226 Oak Lake Glen Drive;
Sugar Land, TX 77478

This is the Chalice that Fr. Kelly used at Saint Theresa and King Salmon and Naknek. It is a sterling silver piece.

This is the chalice used at Holy Rosary. It was donated by Abbot Justin, OSB when I came to this mission. He specifically wanted to donate it to a mission in the world. It is also a sterling silver piece.

Ivory and sterling silver found at Saint Theresa in storage:

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