Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Metal Refinishing - Matthew Signo

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett

A few weeks ago Matthew Signo gave me a call and asked if I had any old metal vessels or candle holders I wanted to have refinished. Searching through some of the old sacred vessels at Holy Rosary and Saint Theresa, I came up with a couple of chalices. I decided to send them out to get refurbished. Matthew informed me that they were sterling silver and very valuable.

Within a week, after shipping the chalices all the way from Dillingham, Alaska, I had the refinished chalices and was using them for Mass.

I highly recommend Matthew if you have any metal refinishing work you want done. He is very professional, a great communicator, and he enjoys his work. He is just starting his business and would like your patronage. As you can see from the below photos, he does beautiful work.

Here is how you can contact Matthew Signo:
Phone: 281-995-3778
Address: 15226 Oak Lake Glen Drive;
Sugar Land, TX 77478

This is the Chalice that Fr. Kelly used at Saint Theresa and King Salmon and Naknek. It is a sterling silver piece.

This is the chalice used at Holy Rosary. It was donated by Abbot Justin, OSB when I came to this mission. He specifically wanted to donate it to a mission in the world. It is also a sterling silver piece.

Ivory and sterling silver found at Saint Theresa in storage:

Monday, April 27, 2009

Vacation: Central Oregon

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett

While visiting my family in Bend, Oregon, I took some pictures of central Oregon. First I stopped off at Mount Angel near Portland to reconnect with the seminary and get some continuing education.

Fr. Bill, a priest in the Portland Diocese was one of the several presenters. He talked about telecommunication. The entire presentation was about the internet, for example, twitter, blogs, and other new developments on the website. Check him out at: http://www.frbill.org/frgeek.html. This guy is cutting edge.

Then I ventured down to central Oregon, checked out my retirement property, and stayed in my mom’s mobile home park. She lives in a nice retirement community called Suntree Villiage. Here are some pictures from my trip.

My mom looks out the window at Roman (the newest addition to our family) and my niece Jennifer. They look darn happy!

This is some amazing art along the highway from Bend, Oregon to Sisters, Oregon. The horses look real sprinting across the desert. The middle and north sister loom in the background.

When flying in to the Bend/Redmond airport, I took a picture of Crooked River Gorge, which is a couple of miles north of Redmond, Oregon.

My sister Brenda, who visited Holy Rosary last year, waters some plants on her two and a half acres between Bend and Redmond. Her and her husband Dan have lived there about four year.

I purchased five acres near Powell Butte, Oregon before I became a priest. Here is a picture of the Three Sisters, Faith, Hope, and Charity, taken from my property.

My mom lives near a Senior Center that has a huge playground. Trevin (my nephew) and I always walk to the playground when I am home on vacation. Before we arrive, Trevin stands on a post for a picture. Afterward, we always stop by the "Stop and Go" for his favorite candy, Nerds.

This is a picture of Mount Jefferson from my retirement property in Powell Butte, Oregon.

My sister Brenda and I took a hike up Black Butte, just outside of Sisters. I took this picture of Mount Washington as we were hiking up.

Here is another picture taken from my property. It were Kevin Costner was filmed while shooting the movie the Postman. It is called Smith Rocks and is located North and a little East of Redmond.

Let me know if you ever visit Central Oregon. Two of my friends own hotels and I highley recommend the Sleep In on the East side of Bend and the Entrada Lodge on Century Drive on the way to Mount Bachelor.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Alaskan Palm Sunday - Snow and Ice?

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett
Pictures by Becky Chandler

When celebrating Palm Sunday in Dillingham, Alaska, or anywhere in Alaska for that matter, one must be ready for lots of snow and ice. This Palm Sunday, since the sun was out, we decided to go outside for the traditional Palm Sunday procession and entrance.

We had two concerns: (1) slipping and (2) getting hit with frozen pellets while sprinkling the palms (just kidding). However, the Palm Sunday celebration is a bit different in the cold, snow, and ice.

Below are a few pictures as we at Holy Rosary Parish in Dillingham celebrated Palm Sunday, the dramatic entrance of our Lord into Jerusalem and the end of his ministry. Notice that the snow banks are actually higher than the parishioners.

Palm Sunday Begins amidst a slippery path, freezing temperatures, and snow piled six feet high. (CLICK on pictures to make larger).

Hearty Holy Rosary parishioners listen to the opening prayer.

Alaskan parishioners are a little worried about getting doused with holy water when temperatures are well below freezing. I don’t blame them!

You can tell that Walter (altar server in the lead) just loves being an altar server for Holy Rosary. He is having just WAY too much fun. CLICK on the picture to make it larger. This young man just may have a vocation to the priesthood!

The procession begins. Parishioners have to be extra careful walking across the pure ice.

Altar servers hold the door as the congregation bustles out of the snow and ice into Holy Rosary.

Kara and Walter, the two altar servers for Palm Sunday, pay attention and sit quietly as the Passion of Christ is being proclaimed by Aileen Walsh (narrator) and Karen Belleque (voice).

Children normally bring up the gifts.

Another Palm Sunday celebration at Holy Rosary Parish in Dillingham, Alaska. Thank you to all the wonderful parishioners who make it all possible!

Have a prayerful Holy Week and Easter season...Fr. Scott

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Readout Volcano March 2009

Pictures By Father Scott Joseph Garrett

Here are some pictures I took of the volcano while flying from Anchorage, Alaska to King Salmon, Alaska on a Penair Saab at 5:00 PM, Tuesday, March 31, 2009. Because the volcano erupted after we were in the air, no more aircraft departed Anchorage International for several hours after we took off. Nothing like cutting it a little close! (click on pictures to make larger)

Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter...Fr. Scott