Friday, November 28, 2008

Annunciation Stained Glass Piece Donated

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett, Pastor

Matteo Guarino donated a beautiful stained glass picture of the Annunciation to Holy Rosary Parish. The Angel Gabriel is announcing to the Virgin Mary that she is pregnant with Jesus. He made the stained glass image from a picture he took while traveling. He started and completed the glass while here in Dillingham.

Matteo works at the Kanakanak Hospital, here in Dillingham, during the year. He usually arrives in August and leaves at the end of November. I have had the pleasure of knowing Matteo for the three and a half years I have been pastor of Holy Rosary. He attends Mass regularly.

A very talented artist, Matteo paints with water colors, makes religious plaster art, and has drifted into creating religious stained glass. His idea for Holy Rosary is to put two stained glass pieces in the windows right behind the altar. The first piece has been made and delivered and he hopes to complete the next piece when he arrives back in Dillingham in August of 2009.

Below is the Beautiful stained glass piece of the annunciation and a few more of his watercolors. The Angel Gabriel tells the Virgin Mary that she is pregnant with the Christ Child.

A few of Matteo's water colors:

Please click on “comments” just below. I have asked Matteo to monitor these comments. If you would like to contact him you should be able to monitor the comments section and exchange information.


Anonymous said...

Please feel free to leave comments, for example if you like the paintings, and may want to purchase one, Matteo can read these comments as well and get back with you. Fr. Scott

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful. Thank you for putting them on your site. Matteo you are very talented, Keep up the great work!

jm said...

Matteo, you are incredibly talented! I love to look at your stained glass in the church; it is so beautiful. Thank you!

I also like your watercolors - the painting of the spruce trees is my favorite as it is so typical of the Dillingham area.

God bless you. Joan Reynolds