Monday, August 25, 2008

Flowers: Add Life, Light, and Beauty

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett, Pastor

The other day I was thinking about how to get out of weeding the flowerbed. To me, weeding is about as bad as sweeping the floor, but I think weeding has to be, by far, the worst. Weeding is tedious and takes patience. I had finally decided to take a few hours and just get it over with.

I got up bright and early and walked out to begin. Surprise! During the night the weeding fairies had come by. My flowerbeds were completely weeded. It was such a thorough job of weeding that the first person that came to mind was Nora, at the Cracker Box. She has donated much of her time and talent to beautifying Holy Rosary. I went by to visit her and said, “Nora, do you know who weeded my flower beds?” She didn’t have to say a word, I knew right off from her radiant smile. She also told me that Janice W. was her accomplice.

Several parishioners at Holy Rosary have taken an interest in making the grounds beautiful. Each took a section. Nora J. took the New Church (top of the picture); Jane B. opted for the old church (small white roofed building on the right); Nora H, Janice, and Angela took the Rectory (red roofed building on the bottom).

Each week during the summer, Karen B. brings a small vase of freshly cut flowers to put at the foot of the statue Mary inside the church. It adds a breath of fresh air to our Mass.

The result is an assortment of colorful flowers of all shapes and sizes. When people drive up to get water, go to Mass, or just visit, they get a wonderful feeling when viewing the beauty that has come from the flowers. God’s hand is truly at work here.

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Nora J. and Kenzie pose in front of the flowers on the steps of the Church. Nora has been providing these flowers for years.

The old church is located on the same parking lot between the rectory and new church. Jayne has decided to dedicate her time and effort to making the church look quaint and beautiful. She has planted wild flowers, perennials, and bachelor buttons

Jayne planted perennials and bachelor buttons around the old church. She got off to a slow start this year because of my huge mistake. I dug up all her perennials from last year.. Just after the snow melted I went around weeding and forgot she had planted them the year before…live and learn.

The three Hanging plants around the rectory are compliments of Nora H.

Flowers surrounding the stature of Mary. The statue and flowers are located outside the rectory so that the people in the Dillingham community who come for drinking water will see it. Holy Rosary has the best drinking water in town and people line up to get it. Flowers by Angela, Nora H, and Janice.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Nora, Jane, Janice, and Angela! It is people like you that make the Holy Rosary Parish so wonderful.

A parishioner

Holy Rosary Mission said...

Thank you so much for the nice comment, Fr. Scott