Friday, August 1, 2008

Father Scott Takes a Vacation

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett

What exactly does a priest do on vacation? Having dinner with movie stars, swimming in the ocean, creating web sites, watching the newly digitalized Top Gun, eating shrimp, getting back in touch with the person who converted me to Catholicism, and yes, attending church.

Carolina Beach in North Carolina is a great place to take a vacation. The guy who invited me to the Catholic Church, which subsequently led to my conversion from Mormonism to Catholicism, has created a web site about Carolina Beach. Eric, who literally saved my spiritual life, and his wife Dawn hosted me for eight days.

One of the highlights of the trip was meeting, and yes, having dinner with, the movie star Joy Galeotti or CLICK HERE. After talking with her, mostly she wanted questions answered about the Catholic Church, I found her to be very religious and a great Christian. After dinner, Eric and Dawn brought me back to their beatiful new home and we watched a couple of her movies, “Bring it On (Again) and an episode of One Tree Hill.

(Joy, Me, Dawn and Joy's friend Amber getting ready for a wondeful seafood dinner)

Swimming in the ocean was something I have not done for ever! Eric and Dawn live within walking distance of Carolina Beach…big waves and warm water. It was great fun kidding about sharks that could potentially, well, eat us. As Eric and I were walking back to the shore line, we were blind sided by one huge wave that mowed us over. Yikes.

Eric had purchased a huge surround sound unit that literally has the sound and vibration of a sixteen year old rapper’s CD player stopped at a red light. Hearing those tomcats in Top Gun was a memorable event.

Also, the two blog masters, Eric and Dawn, helped me create a web page (the one you are looking at), made me my first business cards, and created a Holy Rosary Logo and letterhead.

So, if you have ever wondered what a priest does on vacation, now you know…Fr. Scott

Here are a few pictures of Carolina Beach:

(Sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean)

(Sunset on the lower Cape Fear River--on the backside of the island.)

(Carolina Beach Lake--I spent quite a few mornings running this trail)

(The Carolina Beach Boat Basin--the large building in the backround is the Marriott. It was on the farside of that hotel where we would go swimming.)

(The Grind Coffee House--I had a few cups of coffee on this deck overlooking the lake)


Anonymous said...

Love your photos!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back home Father. Love the website!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your comments. Glad you like the photos and site. God Bless. Fr. Scott