Monday, August 18, 2008

Baptism: Katelynn Loraine Swaim

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett, Pastor

To be baptized out in the Alaskan Bush is not “business as usual.” Preparation and prayer have to work together. For work, many people travel by air to other villages. The weather is very unpredictable and air travelers can be trapped in other villages for days on end.

A couple days before the baptism would take place, Katelynn’s father, Michael, had to visit a village to do some work for the Forest Service. His plane was delayed several times due to mist, wind, and fog. Patrick, a Godparent, was also flying around away from Dillingham on business for the Fish and Game Department. I was at Saint Theresa in King Salmon/Naknek celebrating Mass at 9:00 AM the Sunday morning of the baptism. I needed to fly 64 miles back to Holy Rosary in Dillingham to set up the church for the 12:30 service.

A week before the Baptism, we made a back-up plan, which is standard operating procedure in this remote area. We planned to have the baptism a week in October if one of us could not make it back to Holy Rosary. I prayed all week for good weather.

An hour before the Mass and Baptism was to begin we started calling each other to see if everyone was present. We were…a miracle. We also had a small potluck/reception planned for Katelynn after Mass.

It all came together nicely. There were over 50 Catholics in attendance for the Mass and Baptism on August 17, 2008 at 12:30 PM. (Please click on pictures to make them larger).

All ready for the Baptism, Holy Rosary Parish, Dillingham, Alaska

Michael, Dianna, and little Katelynn waiting for Mass to begin

Katelynn being Baptized. Patrick and Aileen the Godparents are standing in the back. The two altar servers are Brian and Anthony.

The anointing with Sacred Chrism

The blessing of the White Garment

The lighting of the Baptismal Candle

Blessing of Mom and Katelynn

Blessing of Dad and Katelynn

The newest member of our Catholic Community, Katelynn Loraine Swaim


Anonymous said...

Nice story, thank you!

Holy Rosary Mission said...

You are very welcome! Glad you liked the story and thanx for checking our our website...Fr. Scott