Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nativity Scene Update

There are three pieces of the Nativity Scene left to be donated. Thanks to all of you who have donated a piece (s) so far. I will place the order when all the pieces have been donated. Fr. Scott

$95 Mary Yolanda G
$95 Joseph Marita Y
$95 Baby Jesus Bernina V

$115 Shepherd 1 Fr. Scott
$18 Sheep Seated Pat M
$18 Sheep Standing Pat M
$18 Sheep Head Bent Pat M
$115 Donkey Johanna B
$200 Standing Camel Pat M
$225 Seated Camel Pat M
$120 King Balthazar Eric and Dawn W
$45 Two Dogs Eric and Dawn W

$120 Kneeling Angel Dianna and Michael S

$120 King Malchior Janet and Tom
$120 King Gaspar Janet and Tom

$115 Shepherd 2 Available

$115 Ox Standing Available
$115 Ox Seated Available

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Fr. Scott,

Dawn and I would like to purchase King Balthazar and the two dogs. We will mail you a check today.