Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nativity Scene Update

There are three pieces of the Nativity Scene left to be donated. Thanks to all of you who have donated a piece (s) so far. I will place the order when all the pieces have been donated. Fr. Scott

$95 Mary Yolanda G
$95 Joseph Marita Y
$95 Baby Jesus Bernina V

$115 Shepherd 1 Fr. Scott
$18 Sheep Seated Pat M
$18 Sheep Standing Pat M
$18 Sheep Head Bent Pat M
$115 Donkey Johanna B
$200 Standing Camel Pat M
$225 Seated Camel Pat M
$120 King Balthazar Eric and Dawn W
$45 Two Dogs Eric and Dawn W

$120 Kneeling Angel Dianna and Michael S

$120 King Malchior Janet and Tom
$120 King Gaspar Janet and Tom

$115 Shepherd 2 Available

$115 Ox Standing Available
$115 Ox Seated Available

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Holy Rosary Cemetery Renovation

By Father Scott Joseph Garrett

Last week we started renovation of the Holy Rosary Cemetery. We paced off five rows. Each cemetery site is five feet by twelve feet. There are five rows. Crosses and headstones were adjusted to line up with their corresponding rows. Most crosses were not moved more than a couple of feet. The crosses that were moved more than two feet were alloted an extra site.

Pat Durbin lent me a post hole digger. Plus, we had some dirt delivered. Dirt was added to cemetery sites to level them out. Other sites needed to have dirt removed to level them. Other crosses needed to be repaired and one even replaced.

An Excel spreadsheet was made of everyone buried. Included was their name, date of birth and date of death. Cemetery standards were also created so that maintenance in the future will be simple and fast. Pat can now easily go up and down the rows in his new John Deer riding lawn mower.

Cemetery Policy July 3, 2008

A Catholic Cemetery is sacred ground. The goal of Holy Rosary, with regard to its cemetery, is to provide a beautiful and peaceful environment. In order to accomplish this goal there are several objectives and rules.

Holy Rosary Maintenance Responsibility:
Mowing and trimming during the summer months.
Moving flowers to accommodate for trimming.
Providing a clear access to the grave site and cemetery.

Individual Friend and Family Member Responsibility:
Digging the grave site, both the cost and the labor.
Providing flowers (see below)·
Providing a treated wooden cross and/or headstone.
Fixing, repairing, or replacing crosses, flowers, and possessions when damaged.

Since Holy Rosary does not charge individuals for gravesites, there are very specific rules that must be followed. These rules help to reduce costs and simplify the maintenance.

Rules (YES):
Approved flowers can be put on grave site.
Flowers can be put close to headstone·
Other possessions can be put around the head stone·
Any type of cross or head stone can be used.

Rules (NO):
No metal stakes can be put in the ground to support flowers·
No styrofoam attached to flowers.
No flowers can be used to mark the middle or end of grave site.
No fences can be erected around the grave site.
No rocks can be placed around the grave site.

Holy Rosary is not responsible for the condition of the gravesite if the responsibilities and rules on this page are not followed. Unauthorized flowers and fences may be removed. Holy Rosary will do everything in its power to provide your loved one with a peaceful resting place.